Thursday, July 15, 2010

New ArtExpos@Streamlife! By Darwin-r0bin helsinki-Life Charron&Torben Asp

I am proud to present the 3 new Exhibits @ my Streamlife Gallery@Indie Valley.
First of all a big thank you to the owners and the best supporters of Art of Indie Valley:Kalie Indigo and Th!!!

"Monuments and Emotions" Fotografic Exhibit by By Darwin
"Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

"I have nine images of granite and bronze statues on display taken on  visit to Oslo.  The park itself contains over 210 such statues.  The theme of the park is the "Human Condition" and the statues resonate emotions of joy, happiness, despair, sharing, caring etc.  I have intentionally not named the pictures allowing the viewer to interpret the emotions portrayed in their own way."
By Darwin

"Dutch Diving" by r0bin Helsinki ...
"Friends often ask me "Is there  really anything to see down there?" ... so here is the proof - Dutch Diving!
The fotos were taken in Zeeland province in the south west of the Netherlands where the water is tidal and full of life. Most  were taken on my 50th birthday - a quiet Wednesday at Midsummer - so good light and no disturbances from other divers.
If you fancy joining me for a dive just call!
I am an amateur photographer living in the middle of the bulbfields in Holland. This gives me a magnificent view for about 1 month of the year, and pleasant rural surroundings for the rest. I have many passions apart from photography: scuba diving, travelling, cycling, walking, tennis, badminton, wine tasting, theatre, restaurants… and where possible I try to combine them.

Life Charron and Torben Asp
"the journey of life" a new wonderful collaborative Collaborative Art project realized together with Torben Asp!
Torben composes and performs electronic music of an ambient/new age style with input from other styles like classic music and artists like Jean Michel Jarre...To that you add a original and synthesizer magic and you are well underway into the recreative universe of Torben Asp.
Photos taken by me in june 2010 and inspiring music added by Torben at the beginning in july.
Every tune, every photo has its own story to take you on a mood-altering journey.

It is not only a photo+sound is more..we both agreed to call it an Experience!
 Just walk through the sounds...the Images and let your mind,your heart....feel.
More information on

Just tp to Streamlife and yourself:-)
Any comment is welcome!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Little Art Corner

Many thanks to King TH for making a beautiful selection of small shops available to the Artists and Creative Sorts in the Kingdom of Music. I have been promoting artists in the Second Life art community for many years now, and often neglect to exhibit my own work.

In my little corner of Indie Valley, I have set up a small gallery featuring my own work. An annex of my larger gallery in the Avalon Art District, visitors can grab a landmark to the main gallery and check out the visiting artists there.

Currently on display in Indie Vallery is a cross section of my more recent work, from photography to watercolor and acrylic works. Look for some new works in a few weeks.

I encourage all the artists and content creators of the Kingdom of Music to run, don't walk (tp don't fly?) to Indie Valley and grab your own shop before they're gone!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sid Slade's CD Launch!!

Today we celebrated with our Sid the big Launch party his first two CD's.
Sid sang all his tracks live with an awesome performance of
Check his unique music @ !!!
All the sales of cd's will go to RFL Cancer Charity as all his fees and tips!

An extract of the Press release of the Event:
" “Relay for Life” to Benefit from Second Life CD Collaboration as part of Second Life’s 7th Birthday Celebration
Popular British singer, Sid Slade, will be releasing His First CD’s in Second Life on Wednesday the 23rd of June, at Romantica Yacht Club (RYC), timed to coincide with Second Life’s 7th Birthday Celebration. Sid, who raised around 300,000 lindens through the sale of his real life paintings, in aid of the “Relay for Life” Cancer Charity, has subsequently managed to raise around 225,000 additional lindens, for RFL, through his “surreal musical journey”.

Surreal is an apt description. Sid had never sung a song in his life until June 2009, when a visiting nephew left a microphone at his house. Sid decided to fit it to his PC and recorded a couple of songs for fun. He had a few friends take a listen and the feedback was very positive, many even suggesting that he should pursue the hidden talent. He decided to take some real life lessons from a voice coach to learn how to breathe properly and gain more control over his voice. Improvement came quickly, he began to build up a repertoire and began live streaming into Second Life with the intention that any fees and tips would again be donated to RFL.

Sid has become well known in Second Life with a loyal fan club and a regular gig schedule at top live music venues such as RYC. So much so in fact that he approached the voice coach, who also does recording sessions, and set to recording enough songs for an album. Pat Wunderland of Wunderland Records , also a promoter of live music in secondlife and who produces CDs’ to sell in world, was very impressed with the recordings, a mixture of genres with something to please most peoples tastes. Pat was happy to help and and the fabulous UKD Project also Joined the party. Sid Rocks your Soul 1 has 4 of Sid’s tracks and a guest track from  . Sid Rocks your Soul 2 also has 4 of Sid’s tracks and a guest track from the UKD Project.
Cover CD1 created by Josie Anderton
Cover of CD2 created by Life Charron

The cds are now ready and it is Sid’s hope that they make lots more lindens for RFL. He will be holding a launch party at the Romantica Yacht Club (RYC) owned and run by APinkSwan Beauchamp and Very Keynes at 1pm sl time on Wednesday 23 June. The launch will be simulcast to the Pinks Prop's pals parcel in the SL7B sim ��. Sid will be singing all songs from the Cd's live during the show and will be joined on stage by the guest artists.

The CD’s Represent a collaboration of 4 artist and 8 people on 3 continents, united by Second Life, each with a desire to use creative talents to benefit global charities.(..)"

Well Done Sid we love and support You \o/

Monday, June 21, 2010

Indie Valley: We Love YOu \o/

Look at these pictures... you can still feel the fun, the smiles, the screams, the happiness of all the friends who joined this great Event.

A Live Music Venue is made of people who loves music, who supports music and show all their passion, and the Owners of Indie Valley, Kalie and TH, can be proud for having had special friends and more than 50 people at the party!!!
NufunkyDJ Life, me!,had the honor to open the Event with my rare Funky&Soul Tunes, inviting all the friends on stage and dancing and sharing this great moment.

The enthusiasm was the main factor of the sucess of this Event.
Many Friends were busy in RL,or had different timezones(for example Seba Sideways,from Argentina,who was busy in RL, but he just logged in SL only to be there with us even only for some minutes and to scream Hooooooooo.)
Following some shots of the awesome,unique, special Show of UKD PROJECT!!Rola and Anto and the whole band gave their best to celebrate Indie Valley and make it a fantastic moment.
Their rocking Verve really shine...impossible not to love UKD!!!
Sid Slade followed with his great voice and enthusiastic Vibe.
All the friends were completely swept away by his unique voice and to envolve everyone in his magic songs.

DjSkott played an outstanding set of great Music and we ended the Big Event in the same way we began it...Everyone on Stage,because...finally...we are all stars*!!!!


Streamlife Opening

Thank you to everyone:-)
The Opening started at 12PM slt and You made it a perfect Event.
I appreciated and loved the interest, the passion and the curiosity that you all showed for my gallery and each Art Piece.
Here some shots of the Opening:

hugs to all and Love,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Streamlife Gallery@Indie Valley

The Collaborative Art gallery of Life Charron is
a creative place where artists from all over the world,SL and RL, are invited to
show their art idea, share their passions and express themselves.

Life is happy to present the Expos:
- jazz Sound-Expo (a collaborative art project B/W Fotos by Life Charron
combined with the awesome Sax Music of Seba Sideways)
- Two's Company” Foto Installation by robin helsinki (fotos of couples, who are not necessarily company,and singles who might like some company ... )
- abstract paintings by Renault Cluny
- entropycube by Binary Quandry

jazz Sound-Expo by Life Charron
This is a real example of "Collaborative Art" combining my Black and White emotions with the magical Sax Music of Seba Sideways.
Seba's been playing Tenor Sax for more than 14 years and he works in RL as a Session Player in Reggae, Rock, Funk and Latin Bands.
Thank you Seba for your enthusiasm and your art :-)
To hear the Audio on the Fotos, turn off the Music and active your Sounds option, then click on the Foto, and enjoy :)
This Exhibit represents a little part of a wider Expo that we are creating focusing on different sounds,instruments and trying to catch the essence,the soul of each Image.
Enjoy the drawings of Music...of Jazz.

robin Helsinki's "Two's Company” "
This Expo is a really eclectic and thoughtful representation of the whole world.
“Two's Company” are fotos of couples, who are not necessarily company, and singles who might like some company ...
I usually ask to all Artists to talk about their art,their passion and to tell me what they feel when they paint,take photos,ecc.
I used to call this form of non-interview "DEEP DIVE FOCUS ON",never using guided questions or forms to compile...just a free speech about creativyt and passion for art.
Here the Deep Dive about r0bin:
"I am an amateur photographer living in the middle of the bulbfields in Holland. This gives me a magnificent view for about 1 month of the year, and pleasant rural surroundings for the rest. I have many passions apart from photography: scuba diving, travelling, cycling, walking, tennis, badminton, wine tasting, theatre, restaurants… and where possible I try to combine them.
In SL I specialises in photo installations, such as “Robin Goes Walkabout”, photos from Australia, both above and below the water surface, at The Bluffs, Christmas 2008, and “Storm in a Teacup”, a roller coaster experience of storms and a Japanese tea garden, at Cedar Island, Summer 2009, Colours of Japan at Streamlife Gallery, November 2009 and Postcards From Paradise at Ambient Jelly in June 2010.
I have also contributed articles to Metro Virtual Fashion magazine, and done the photography for the Ambient Jelly 2008 charity calendar. In between I have been a SecondAbility Mentor and a model for Enkythings shoes. But most of all I like to chat with friends by the campfire…"r0bin.

Renault Cluny
Weathered surfaces, maps, and aging skin are all influential in the paintings of Renault Cluny. Certainly influenced by abstract expressionism and post-painterly works, Cluny's paintings evoke a physical energy beyond color and form however, an image that Ren refers to as a "synaptic map".
Have fun with reading the Bio of Renault :-)
"After serving as a roustabout on oil rigs in the Persian Gulf, Renault Cluny determined that sweating in sweltering heat was not to his liking, so, destined to coast through life in the simplest way possible, he landed in a BFA program in the American deep south. Here, after a brief infatuation with raw oyster bars and bad music and only after serving three days in the Key West jail for disorderly conduct after he pulled a stripper off the stage and demanded she put her clothes back on, Renault developed his painting style; Post-painterly, neo-fascist, bluegrass expressionism, with just the right touch of vanilla.

After being run out of Florida on a rail, he conived his way into an MFA program at a major urban university in the heartland of America. While there, he drank enough bad beer and took so many drugs they were going to take his liver for medical research in payment for his textbooks, but it was later determined he couldn't live without it and the organ was so shot the University found absolutley no value in it.

Once he fooled all of them by citing the opening act of Merchant of Venice for his orals, they gave him the damned MFA and asked that he never set foot on their campus again. This was when a major, midwestern university offered him a teaching position and allowed him to collect money for debauchery and womanizing that would have made Jackson Pollack shiver. They actually paid him for this.

While maintaining a studio in the heart of the major urban center of the universtiy where he taught, Renault slept with nearly every coed enrolled in the School of Visual Arts and was hard at work on the Theatre Department when the dean's office caught wind and said he was cutting in on the dean's action. Naturally tenure was not granted because Ren couldn't come up with the $10,000 in grease money required. It was a sad time for the visual arts.

Hailed by such art critics as Robert Hughes who said, "baffling", about Cluny's work and the German artist Joseph Beuys who could only say, "hochesnudel" after living through one of the artist's parties. Usually found sleeping in alleyways because he can't find any place else to sleep and, quite frankly he relates better to cats than most people, Ren is happy to answer any questions you may have about his extensive body of work and to tell you about his plans for an upcoming book on the history of Amway."Renault.

Binary Quandry
Binary Quandry is a Second Life artist. The work I do is primarily based on interaction or reaction to avatars.

In my art the avatar become an abstract reflection of the avatar. Every avatar in Second Life has a unique number (Universal Unique IDentifier), the avatar key or UUID, much like a finger print in the physical world. I use the avatar key in such a way that each avatar become a part of the artwork. The artworks created include abstract images and sculptures and uses sensors or collision detection. By your presence you are making the art unique.

Thank you so much to Kalie& TH and all the artists and friends who believe in my Streamlife!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Grand Opening of Indie Valley

The Grand Opening for Indie Valley is being held on 20 June 2010. There will be an impressive line -up of Live Musicians and Dj's in Second Life. This will be a celebration of art and live music and friendship as Indie Valley officialy kicks off its brand new venue.

Indie Valley features a live music venue surrounded by the Shoppes of Indie Valley. The Shoppes of Indie Valley showcase the arts of Tricia Aferdita, Life Charron, Renault Cluny and r0bin Helsinki.

The music will begin at 1:00pm with Life Charron taking the stage. At 2:00pm UKD Project will bring us some of the best live music in SL followed by Sid Slade at 3:00pm, he will entertain us with the songs he loves to sing . DJ Skott will conclude the festivities with a 2 hour set beginning at 4:00pm.

Please come by and enjoy the music and browse the Shoppes at your liesure!